Different Types of Tattoos

A tattoo is a permanent mark, and whether it is for ornamental purposes or memorial purposes, it should be a mark that suits you. Even if you know roughly what you want put on your skin, there are still many choices to be made when it comes to style. There are many types of tattoos to choose from, so consider your options before you talk to an artist.
For example, tribal tattoos are iconic in that they use sharp black lines arranged to form an abstract design. The lines of a tribal tattoo can simply be used to compliment the line of your body or they can be arranged to evoke a specific thing, like a rose, a bull or a scorpion. Tribal tattoos are a good choice for people with dark skin, as the black shows up very well.
Black and gray tattoos use only different shades of black ink. The black ink is diluted with water to create tones of black and gray, and using this simple monochrome palatte, extremely delicate tattoos can be created. Black and gray tattoos do well when you want a hyper-realistic look to your body art, as the black and gray can create shadows and shading. In some cases, a black and gray tattoo is highlighted using white ink.
Ultraviolet tattoos, also known as UV tattoos and blacklight tattoos, use a type of ink that glows when it is held under blacklight. The tattooing process is identical to that of a regular tattoo, but when the ultraviolet tattoo is held underneath a blacklight in the dark, the pattern becomes visible. In normal light, the UV tattoo is invisible. However, before getting a UV tattoo, it is important to remember that as with any tattoo, some scarring might occur, which makes the design more noticeable.
Another type of tattoo is the type drawn in the Asian style. Asian-style tattoos draw from Japanese and Chinese art traditions, and they may also incorporate Chinese characters or Japanese kanji. These tattoos cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from animals, to gods, to nature scenes. If you decide to put either Chinese characters or kanji in your tattoo, however, find a translator who can assure you that the characters you are getting say what you think they are saying.
Before going to get your tattoo, spend some time online looking at tattoo galleries. Plenty of artists have examples of their best work on display, and this helps you figure out what kind of work you want. Consider whether you want color work, or a tattoo done only in black, and whether you want something simple or elaborate. With all the options to choose from, there is no reason not to get the tattoo of your dreams.

How to Avoid These Three Mistakes If You Are a Tattoo Designer

For those who want to have a successful career as a tattoo designer, it's important to do exceptional work and create the best reputation possible. This is because word of mouth is the most effective advertising. Those who do great work, get more business than they can handle, and those who do shoddy work generally have to shut down their business within a few weeks or months. There are some mistakes that tattoo designers need to avoid in order to continue their success. These are as follows:
1. Unhygienic Habits - The most critical factor is to ensure that the facility is clean. Make sure that needles are only used once and disposed of correctly to keep away from infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. In addition to clean needles, it's very important that the ink used is fresh as well. When there are clients that come back to the shop and complain of contracting infections and diseases after getting a tattoo done in that shop, the health department does not think twice and orders permanent shutting down of the shop.
2. Poor Image Quality - Quality of the tattoo design is of prime importance if you wish to become a popular artist. Whether it's a Chinese symbol, Sanskrit, Japanese character, or Arabic word, it's imperative that the word is reproduced to perfection. Some artists have made the mistakes of getting the work backward, upside down, or additional markings on the word. This not only affects the quality, but changes the appearance and impression of the word as a whole. When the images are poorly done, are sloppy, or are inaccurately reproduced, it is a permanent disaster for the wearer. It's not only a disappointment for the client but also leads to a painstaking process of getting rid of a bad tattoo.
3. Incorrect Aftercare Advice - Another aspect that must be kept in mind is acquainting the client with complete and correct aftercare advice. For example, you must ensure that the client knows that it can take up to a month for the tattoo to properly heal and that it is very important to keep the area clean. It's important to let them know how to use an antibiotic cream for the first week, and using a good antibacterial soap to wash the area several times a day followed by a moisturizer. Giving poor advice can lead to infection and an extremely unhappy client that leads to a bad reputation.
For those who aspire to become a great tattoo designer, it's necessary to realize that there are no shortcuts to success, and it takes time and care to do exceptional work. When you know how to avoid these three mistakes, and remain aware of all three of these important areas, you can become a great success.

Award Winning Tattoo Artists - How to Find Them

Tattoos have been in existence for years unknown and though the methods of drawing them have changed immensely over the years, the concept of the drawing of tattoos hasn't changed. A tattoo can be said to be the addition of pigment/ color to already punctured holes in the skin. People draw tattoos for different reasons.
An artist is a person who is involved in any form of creative art. From the given definition, a tattoo artist is any person who is involved in the creative art of drawing tattoos either as an occupation or for the pleasure of it. A person who is into tattoo drawing as a craft is known as a tattooist.
Over the years, due to the uniqueness and specialty of their works, various tattooists have won to their credit awards both on the local and foreign scene. Some of those artists include:
Aaron Cain - Aaron Cain is a tattooist whose art work is popularly known for its thick lines and hard edges. Cain also indulges in the production of sets of custom tattooing equipments. He has been actively involved in tattooing since 1989 and till date he has proven himself to be an exceptionally brilliant tattooist. Aaron Cain can be found at California
Ryan Dearinger's interest in blending the wanders of art into tattoo is one of his distinctive features. His inspiration majorly comes from styles of art and his work is highly influenced by it. He is into all spare of tattooing ranging from old school tattoos, new school tattoos and portraits to fine art tattoos and the likes. He believes that for anyone to be called a tattoo artist, the person has to be an artist first. He has a similar approach to every of his designs and creations.
Mike DeVries- is another top tattoo artist who is well recognized for his method of color input into tattoos. His favorite line of work includes portraits, animals and pin-ups. He also be lives in really drawings. He can be said to be inspired by his desire to create real life images through his tattoo art.
Jesse Nesse is ranked as the top tattooist in his field as a cover up tattoo artist, he is also known for custom color tattoos which he is good at. He started out as a tattoo artist in the late 90s with his establishment named Nuclear Ink Custom Tattoo. Jesse operates north of 72nd and dodge street in midtown south Omaha.


Thinking About a Tattoo? Try a Fake Tattoo Sleeve

Are you considering getting a tattoo? It's a big decision to put a permanent drawing on your body. Removing a permanent tattoo will be difficult, expensive, and unpleasant if at some point you decide you no longer want it. At some time in your life you may no longer be happy with the permanent tattoo's you chose in the past, so why not take the sensible precaution and try a Fake Tattoo Sleeve before committing to a permanent design. With a temporary tatt sleeve you don't have to worry about unsanitary equipment or infections. Best of all there is no piercing of the skin involved. The most advantageous thing about Fake Tattoo sleeves is that they are in indeed temporary.
Popular Tattoo designs change fairly often. At this time trendy designs include many designs with Asian themes, as well as Skulls, Dragons, Butterflies and Flowers. Tribal designs are also very popular. If you are not absolutely sure about a design theme, then why not wear a Fake Tattoo Sleeve? If you still love the design after a period of time then you can proceed with a permanent tattoo with the confidence that it was the right choice for you.
Perhaps you want a tattoo for temporary decoration. Fake Tattoo Sleeves have become popular among those going to parties and those going clubbing. These tattoos are much less expensive than a permanent design and less hassle than tattoo stickers. Air brushed tattoos are expensive and not everyone can apply them well.
To avoid all these concerns why not choose a new and trendy Fake Tattoo Sleeve? Not only are they found at reasonable prices but the selection is huge. You will certainly have no problem finding a design that suits your personality and purpose. All that is required is to slip the sleeve stocking over your arm and away you go. It takes a few seconds to adjust and straighten your sleeve and then you are ready to display your new body art. If there is a seam at the wrist it can be hidden under a watch or wrist band if you wish. Other than that, you are ready to go out and display your new tattoo for everyone to see. The sleeves are made of a breathable, comfortable fabric and you will find they can even be washed.
If you choose to buy a Fake Tattoo Sleeve you will no doubt be very pleased with your decision. Not only are they inexpensive to buy but they come in a huge number of designs and styles. It won't take you long to find the perfect style to compliment your personality and sense of fashion. As it is a fun way to express your individuality.

Tattoos Come in Every Imaginable Size, Design, and Color Scheme

If you can believe this, there is very strong evidence that human beings have been tattooing themselves for at least 5,000 years. Most of us heard the news of the 1991 discovery of the "Ice Man" named ├Âtzi. He was found still fully frozen, on a mountain top located between Italy and Austria.
This discovery taught the scientists many things about the life that he lived, such as the kinds of foods that he ate, the kinds of weapons he used, and what kinds of clothes that he wore. Another interesting fact that was much less publicized, was that he had an astounding 57 tattoos on his body.
His tattoos included six lines approximately 15 centimeters long above his kidneys, a cross on his left knee, and many parallel lines around his ankles. Some scientists believe that a few of his tattoos were applied to relieve his arthritis, but there is no real definite proof for this hypothesis.
About 120 miles north of the border between China and Russia in 1948, an archeologist found what he believed to be ancient tombs. They began excavating them and discovered that they dated back over 2,400 years. In them they found a few very well preserved mummies that had various tattoos on them.
The tattoos consisted of all kinds of animals, different types of monsters, and griffins. The present theories regarding the origins of the tattoos is that some of them appeared to hold some kind of magical significance, whereas some of the others seem to be purely ornamental in nature.
So, if you are thinking about getting your first tattoo, mankind has been applying this kind of artwork to their bodies for quite some time now. The only limitations for a tattoo, is your ability to be creative and come up with a design that you think will suit your personality.
Today, if you can dream it, you can absolutely be sure that there is tattoo artists somewhere that can make your wish come true. There really are not any restrictions on the size or color that you want your tattoo to be either. However, if you plan on getting an especially complex design that has multiple colors, it might take more than one visit to the tattoo shop before it is finished.
The tattoo supplies that the artists use today are much more sophisticated and safer than what was available only a few years ago, much less thousands of years ago. Each time an artist's sits down to apply a tattoo they use a brand new tattoo needle that has never been used before, and will never be used again.
If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for quite a while now, but were not sure exactly what you wanted, there are many different websites that have all kinds of unique and out of this world designs that you can review. Once you find one that you really like, all you have to do is to print it out, take it to your local tattoo shop, and you will have a whole new look and feel that will match your individuality.

Watch Out for These 3 Common Lies About Tattoo Designers

Do you read reviews, take advice, research on your own or speak to people before buying/selling or investing in some major activity. I am sure it would be yes. You should do the same before getting a tattoo design inked on your skin or while choosing the best tattoo designer to execute the design well.
However, when planning to get a tattoo, don't be dissuaded by the things you hear about the designer or the post tattoo care regimen. You should make inquiries about tattoo artists, their prices, quality of work as well as the safety and hygiene measures practiced by them, before getting inked. However, you should watch out for these three common lies about tattoo designers.
The designer won't be able to create a design that the client wants: Most people claim that they would have loved to get a tattoo done but there is no designer who can understand exactly what the client wants and hence will not be able to deliver the exact design. As far as the skill of an experienced tattoo artist is concerned, this is far from true.
Tattoo designers are artists with knowledge, skill, and precision and have the ability to understand the personality of any individual. Since their job involves interacting with people and inking tattoos on human skin, they are familiar with the psyche of humans coming from different backgrounds. They can design whatever tattoo their client wants based on how well he or she is able to describe the idea to them. Tattoos are pretty permanent, and it's totally reasonable for the client to expect a perfect custom tattoo design.
In fact, a great thing about these designers is that they work with the client to make sure their art completely represents what the client is trying to express with the design in the first place. And, guess what? A client can even work with different designers. All that is required is that one needs to share his or her thoughts about the tattoo until they find the artist that meets their needs.
There Aren't Many Designers to Choose From: Actually, the truth is that there are amazing designers all over the world who would love to create a custom tattoo design for interested clients. It could be that one may not have access to a lot of designers so one may not know this. Internet gives to easy access to a host of designers from all across the globe to share your idea with and get a tattoo of your choice.
You can check latest tattoo designs online, know their prices, and find out designers who create them, contact them and discuss your tattoo ideas with them. All it takes is some time and clarity of thought in your head. You'll have worldwide access to artists who will all bring a different perspective to your tattoo. Plus, any artist's designs that are on the web can be viewed by millions of people. Just consider the quality of art you'll get when the designer is not only working to satisfy you as their client, but creating art the whole world can see.
You can even host a custom tattoo design contest online. Such a contest not only allows you to choose from a range of the best designs created by some of the most creative designers in the industry but get them at a very competitive price too.
Tattoo Designers Are Expensive: It makes sense when people say that custom tattoo designs are expensive when compared with the regular designs. Although it is true that custom tattoos cost relatively more, but it would be wrong to say that they are always very expensive. As we discussed that if you host a custom tattoo design contest online, you can actually have your tattoo created by an artist at a very reasonable price, say $50 or $75. A person would not mind paying a little more for a custom design that will adorn his body for the rest of his life.

Flower Tattoos - Why Are Flower Tattoos So Popular Among Women?

The popularity of Flower tattoos has a great deal to do with their simplicity, beauty, and additional design elements which meld so well together. They have meanings, symbolism, and an ancient heritage which works well with the delicate tattoos women love so much. Their variety, their capacity for being small and unnoticeable, or large and flowing give flower tats another popular push to forefront of being desirable by woman.
Women love bright colors, delicate designs, symbols of womanhood and femininity; and flower tattoos design structures give them all of that and more. The colors used in tattoos show up well on every skin type and tone. The timeless beauty and classic elegance of flowers only heighten their appeal.
For women who want to be inked, but work in an environment that is not appreciative of the masterful artwork, tattoos can be placed in small inconspicuous places on the body, and never lose their design elements due to down-sizing. The same works for larger flowers and entire areas of the skin which incorporate entire bouquets; these tattoo designs never lose their charm, no matter their size.
Once a woman places a single flower on her skin, she can add to the flower tattoos until she has reached her level of fulfillment. Adding other elements such as thorns, birds, ribbons, and leaves will always showcase the original inked flower tattoos and never detract from their inherent beauty.
Flower tats can also be added to other tattoo designs and change the entire meaning of the original, or simply deepen the symbolism. Adding a yellow rose flower tattoo to the name of a lost loved one, means they are gone, but never forgotten. Learning about the symbolism of flowers can add richness and depth to their designs when they are chosen for a special reason.
If you have a sharp, complex personality you would never want to place white rose flower tattoos on your skin; white roses symbolize simplicity and charm. For a woman filled with hope about her life prospects to the state of the world; snowdrops could symbolize her positive outlook on life. Choosing these tattoos which match your personality can be a way to tell the world you know who you are, and are proud to display your unique perspective on your inner woman.
For the spiritual woman who believes that life changes us, and we are always growing and evolving towards deeper enlightenment; lotus tattoos would be perfect. From the mud of a river bottom, they spring forth, reaching for the light for life, and they burst forth with beauty and fragrance beyond compare in the natural world.
When you are looking to add ink or receive your first tattoo, remember the beauty of flower tattoos lie not only in their color and genus, but their deeper meanings that are more than skin deep; look beneath your own surface, and find the inner woman you wish to express with Flower tattoos. Designs are as varied as the flowers used in flower tattoos, and each as unique as the woman choosing them.

What Are the Benefits of a Tattoo Design Marketplace?

Many predicted the growth of tattoo as a popular form of art. Today, there are millions of tattoo enthusiasts willing to cover their entire body with artistic tattoos. Along with the popularity of tattoos, we also see new trends in tattoos coming up.
One of the latest and the most popular trends is to host an online tattoo design contest. Tattoo design contests are hosted by online servers and this is where both tattoo artists and the clients come into direct contact with each other and find what they are looking for.
Tattoo design marketplace offers several benefits to professional designers as well as hobbyists. Here are some benefits of having a tattoo design marketplace.
It is absolutely free - Most of the offline tattoo artist guilds take membership fee and some even ask for annual deposits/ charges. Online tattoo marketplace, on the contrary, does not charge any fees. As such tattoo artists can submit their designs anytime and have them published for free.
Typically, an online tattoo marketplace only charges a nominal amount from designers once their designs are sold. This is both beneficial for tattoo artists and buyers. For tattoo artists, their work is published for free and consequently improving the prospects of their designs being sold. For buyers, they get an access to a wide variety of tattoo designs to purchase from.
Unlimited submission - Tattoo artists can create designs everyday and submit them at the marketplace. There is no limit to the number of submissions. Artists can create and upload as many designs as they like and have them published online. Therefore, the more designs an artist creates and adds to the marketplace, the greater are the chances of his/her work being sold. Also, with the increase in the number of designs, buyers get many more options to choose from.
Designers retain the ownership of their designs - Designers, who put their designs for online sale, retain the ownership of their work. These artists can therefore choose to have one or more of their designs removed anytime from the marketplace as long as they are not sold.
Designers are free to set the price for their designs - Tattoo designers have all the freedom to fix a price that they deem fit for their designs. Usually designers set the price of a design based on its uniqueness, size, intricacy and complexity. If a designer feels that the price set for a particular design is inappropriate, he may change it anytime. However, since there is a very close competition among different artists in the market, prices tend to be regulated. This is especially beneficial for the tattoo enthusiasts because they can get custom tattoo designs at an affordable rate.

Top Five Tips for Better Custom Tattoo Design Results

When it comes to tattoos, custom tattoo designs are the latest trend. Although there is no limit to the number and variety of designs that are available for people to choose from, tattoo enthusiasts prefer to get a unique design to suit their personal preferences. Considering the fact that tattoos last for a lifetime, people want to make sure that the design is perfect in every sense of the world.
The article below offers 5 topmost tips for coming up with a better custom tattoo design:
1. Decide on the perfect design: Spend some time in looking for various designs from different sources like online galleries and local tattoo studios. Discuss you ideas and your personality with an experienced tattoo artist to get an outline of that perfect design. Inquire about the colored inks that can enhance the look and share the color scheme that you have in mind for your tattoo.
A nice design looks best when inked on the right part of the body. So before you start looking for a design, decide on the size and location so that the intricacy and details are appropriate to the place where it is going to be inked. Select a design that matches your personality and reflects your thoughts, emotions, your affinity and your lifestyle.
2. Hygiene and safety of tattoo procedures: Talk to your tattoo artist about the tattoo technique that will be used for inking. Satisfy yourself about the fact that the studio or the artist is fully experienced in sterilization procedures for the needles and that they use fresh ink and brand new needles. Visit the tattoo parlor or the artist, spend some time with them and observe the level of cleanliness, organization and hygiene followed.
As important it is for the tattoo artist to be expert in tattooing, equally important is the fact that all the safety measures are followed throughout the procedure to avoid risks of infection, allergies and diseases from contaminated needles or inks.
3. Know the process of tattooing well: If it is going to be your first tattoo ever, acquaint yourself with the process first. Speak with the artist and know everything about the procedure or of possible, sit through the process when someone is being tattooed to have a firsthand experience of what all it takes in terms of time, effort and physical discomfort.
4. Tattoo after-care and healing: Understand what is required to take care of the tattoo after it is completed to ensure that it remains clean and does not get infected. An important thing that many people don't realize is that the tattoo must completely heal which may take from a week to a month's time. Avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight initially. It is recommended to wash it about five times a day with a gentle soap and water. During this time, it should also be kept moist with special antibiotic creams that the tattoo artists can recommend to use over the tattoo and the surrounding area.
5. Select a skilled and an experienced artist: The tattoo artist should be experienced enough to make out your personality from your tattoo idea. His skill should reflect not only in his art of work but also his ability to convince you to make changes in the design that you have in mind, be it the size, colors, intricacy or style. A good artist assumes the responsibility to deliver a perfect tattoo along with client satisfaction in terms of cleanliness, procedure, after-care tips and adequate time and effort spent in making the experience a lot of fun and adventure for the tattoo enthusiast.
If you keep in mind these basic things before getting tattooed, you will most probably be looking forward to getting another one done...very soon.

Tattoo Application Techniques: Primitive to Contemporary

Things certainly have taken a broad leap forward. It used to be that tattoos were vexed, a mark of sin placed on rugged outlaws, profanity-ridden sailors, and jailhouse dogs. Now though, it is hard to find someone who doesn't have at least one tattoo. These permanent forms of self-expression are widely sought after by people of all walks of life, the young and old alike. However, tattoos are a choice, and they end up on the skin somehow. The safest and, obviously, the most contemporary tattoo application technique is notably the tattoo gun. However, the tattoo gun, while widely used, is not the only tool utilized to lay ink into the skin.
Tattoos have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Although, you can imagine that the extremely sharp, sterilized tattoo needles were not in existence then. Instead, if someone wanted a tattoo, he or she had to undergo a more crude and primitive process. Typically, the first tattoos were applied meticulously with anything that could be fashioned into a point. This could range anywhere from a simple stick sharpened to a point, to bits of turtle shell, to the bone of an animal taken for food. While these methods were not as sanitary as the modern methods utilized today, tattoos performed this way was a rite of passage, an entryway to manhood for some cultures. Still today, some tribes and cultures still practice primitive, often painstaking methods of tattooing.
The "jailhouse" tattoo has been and still is a prevalent method of tattooing for, not only incarcerated persons, but for younger kids not yet old enough to acquire a tattoo legally. A jailhouse tattoo, essentially, is just a homemade tattoo. This method originated in prisons and penitentiaries around the world due to the demand by inmates for tattoos, coupled with the lack of proper equipment. Just as with primitive tattoos, jailhouse tattooing methods were similar in regards to the diversity of the tools used. Common tools used in conjunction with this method are guitar strings, nails, sewing needles, electric toothbrushes, pens, and batteries.
Now, the most recent method of obtaining a tattoo, the tattoo gun. While there are several different types of tattoo guns, they all follow the same general concept. The "Shader" and "Liner" style guns are the two most popular types of guns among tattoo artist and advocates alike. Just like its name suggests, the liner-style gun is used to create the outline of the tattoo, the first initial "lines." Once a healthy foundation is laid, the shader-style gun is used to "shade" the tattoo according to the desires of the person receiving the tattoo. Skilled artists are now able to add realistic texture, depth, and even three-dimensional effect with a combination of lines and shading.
Unless you are an actively participating member of certain cultures, the tattoo gun is going to be the method used to apply tattoos. Primitive and jailhouse tattooing methods are notably more painful than the convenient gun method. Not to mention, autoclaved, sterile equipment are much safer too.

Top 3 Tips From An Expert Tattoo Artist

When it comes to custom tattoos, finding the best design or having it created requires call for some good research and a lot of effort on the part of a tattoo enthusiast. One can find numerous free designs and latest tattoo trends online that not just look great but are reasonable also. But such designs are not unique because there would be many people who can be seen sporting the same design.
Tattoos reflect an individual's personality, his taste and lifestyle in general. So it is necessary that no matter what the size of tattoo may be, it should be exclusive and distinctive. Additionally, one cannot make out if the designs are in vogue or are not in fashion any more.
So it is always better that you find designs that blend well with your skin color and type. You may speak with expert tattoo artists to help you finalize the best tattoo design. Some of the top tips that these artists offer to tattoo enthusiasts is as under.
1. Tattoos are meant for the skin and not for paper.
There are many tattoo designs that look very good on paper. But when they are drawn on the skin, they look just okay or tend to appear very dull. In choosing custom tattoo designs, consider if the color matches your skin color and texture. Some colors do not go well with either light or dark skin tone. For instance; try printing the design on a paper that reflects your skin color. This way, you will be able to see the closest outcome of the tattoo after it is inked onto your skin. Note that intricate details of custom tattoo designs may appear more attractive with a white background.
2. Choose the best place for your tattoo.
You must have seen people with tattoos all over their body; legs, arms, chest, back, hands, ankles, fingers, knuckles and even neck. But this does not mean that they get tattooed at various parts of the body just like that. The design and the size of the tattoos need to be appropriate to look good on part of the body where it is tattooed. So spend quality time and effort to make sure that your tattoo design is the best for inking on a certain body part. For example; expert tattoo artists make use of body curves to emphasize details of the design. Usually the wrist, chest, ankle and back yield the best effects for custom tattoo designs.
3. The cost of your tattoo.
The best custom tattoo designs come at a price and their prices may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The best way to get the best custom tattoo design at a competitive price is through an online tattoo design contest. You simply have to share your ideas and preferences with the designers and almost instantly, you will have hundreds of worthy designs to choose from.
And lastly; before leaving the tattoo shop, do not forget to ask your tattoo artist about the after-care tips. These artists usually have their own tattoo equipment and inks so it is best to learn proper maintenance technique for lifelong beauty and longevity of your tattoo.

Want to Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoos? Try Laser Tattoo Removal!

Tattoos have always been a part of culture and art. They are viewed as an act of self-expression and sometimes even rebellion. However, a lot of people often regret getting a tattoo done because it creates a barrier to employment and social acceptance. It is estimated that over 50% of individuals regret getting a tattoo done and look for an effective procedure to have it removed. Since tattoos are meant to be permanent, they are applied deep under the skin and are very hard to remove.
Laser Tattoo Removal:
There are several methods like dermabrasion, chemical removal and excision, however, these methods are considered painful and can lead to a certain level of scarring. Here is where laser tattoo removal stands out as an effective and safe procedure to get rid of tattoos. Q-switched lasers provide a safe and highly effective method for removing a range of tattoo inks with little or no side effects. This FDA approved laser is the latest in a string of lasers designed to eradicate unwanted tattoos.
How Does Q-Switched Laser Work?
The Q-Switched laser device delivers light at very high energy. The energy pulses get absorbed by the tattoo, consequently breaking it into tiny pigment particles that are small enough for removal through the body's natural immune system. Once the ink is broken down, the body's immune system flushes it out of the body, over a couple of weeks. Although very effective, laser tattoo removal does not happen overnight and requires more than one session.
What Does The Procedure Involve?
This treatment is performed at the doctor's clinic and involves the following:
· At first, the patient's eyes are covered using protective eye shields.
· The skin's reaction to the laser is then tested in order to determine the energy, which is most effective for treatment.
· The laser device is placed on the surface of the skin and laser light is activated. The energy pulses start to work on the tattoo ink and break it down in to tiny particles.
· Lastly, an ice pack is applied on the treated area to help soothe the skin. This is followed by application of antibiotic cream or ointment and the treatment site is protected using a bandage.
What Type of Tattoos Can Be Removed?
Q-Switch laser tattoo removal can successfully remove all types of tattoos, including professional, amateur and even traumatic tattoos, which are those that result from accidents. The laser is specifically suited to remove darker inks like blue and black, which are otherwise difficult to eliminate. It is also used to remove green, red and orange tattoos.
How Long Does the Procedure Take?
This depends on the size the tattoo and the type of ink used. A small, single color tattoo can be removed in as little as 15 minutes while a large one can take around an hour.
Benefits of Q-Switched Tattoo Removal:
· A safe treatment that provides outstanding results
· Gets rid of most inks, including dark colors like black and blue.
· Only targets the tattoo without damaging surrounding tissues and skin.
· Significantly reduces the possibility of scarring.


Defy the Know

The remedy is here. Now, chant 'what are age spots'... Just say it about two or three times. See, there is a home remedy to rid this eye sore. This time the concentration is on how to appreciate those spots. An idea is to plan more on tan lines. Visit the local library, while silently chanting 'what are age spots' and pick out some books on visual designs and templates. The next venture is going to include learning about art, because that is the best bet. Similarly, I notice many people getting intentional markings to cover blemishes on the skin. Conversely, being artsy is the new trend.
Protect your skin for the project. According to the goal of this project, the skin can be covered with tape or certain types of clothing; T-shirts work, because portions and sections can be removed. Moreover, find a design that is appealing and make a copy of it. Then take it to a place where the design can be outlined and made into a template. Use this template to outline the body. When that special day (getting more sun) comes near, allocate a helper and uncover the portions of the body that should be darkened safely. Thus, covering the other portions of the skin that must be shielded from the sun's rays. Always make sure to cover certain areas of the skin with other protective measures advised by medical professionals.
Those days of preparation will become events and valued by some. Furthermore, after accomplishing the proper exposure to the sun or tanning station you will have a chance to find out just how artsy you may be.
This could turn into a professional entrepreneurial venture. Seriously, look like a cheetah and apply to arts museums as an events coordinator. One will never know. The following episodes may encourage inspiring questions by members. Kids and adults may talk among themselves, until someone says what those marks could be... What are age spots, those look like freckles. Next question: What are age spots, compared to freckles?
Ultimately, there are alternative ways to view daily challenges. Additionally, the fun of art and entertainment are beneficial in an abundance of ways. Medical moments and artistic pizzazz can bring friends and profits if you to your mind to it. Some may think age doesn't matter, but to a few, it is inevitable. Do research and find what may be best for you.

Butterfly Tattoos Embodiment of the Soul

The idea that human beings are spiritual is prevalent in most of the world's cultures and religions. Many agree that the essence of each individual is intangible and is the core which the physical form - the body houses. There are many ways of looking at this idea but in most cases, symbolism is used to represent this essence. Butterfly tattoos are among the few objects that are associated to it. This is rooted in the idea that these small fluttering creatures are the representations of the human soul. The question is why butterfly tattoos refer to the man's spirit?
Butterfly tattoos which are representations of butterflies are usually linked to the human soul. This is a notion that is present in various cultures. The Greeks adhere to the idea that butterflies symbolize the exodus of the human soul. This may be based on the life of these creatures. The Irish has a similar idea. They believe that they are the spirit of the departed. This idea is shared by the Japanese and even certain African cultures. This means that regardless of certain cultural perspectives, this kind of body art refers to that person's spirit.
In general, the diversity, frailty, intrinsic dynamism and magnificence of butterflies are strikingly similar to the nature of the human spirit. Although a soul is intangible and there is no specific idea of its attributes. The particular aspects of a person's personality attest to this. There are many variations of the butterfly tattoo that people opt to get. Each one is a unique yet potent representation of the facets of human spirituality.
Aside from what various cultural constructs state about the butterfly and its connection to the human soul. There is a repeating idea. This is common to most if not all cultures and belief systems. There are aspects about the butterfly that can be sensibly associated with a person's spirit. The widely accepted idea is that human existence is the pursuit of one's ultimate purpose or self actualization according to Maslow. The transformation of a pupa into a wonderful butterfly is a good representation of the attainment on one's purpose in life. A butterfly tattoo communicates a person's adherence to this idea.
Butterfly tattoos also represent the journey of a person's spirit, through various phases of transformation. Eastern philosophy has this idea that the soul is bound to a material form; a person's body to experience life and thereby be enriched and evolve. This evolution is a form of transcendence to a higher state of existence.
When a person opts to get a butterfly tattoo designs, this could connote that he or she would want a representation of the human spirit inscribed into his or her skin. And even if he or she does not consciously have this idea the mere fact that they are getting this meaningful and universally known design is a manifestation of a soul's nature. This is to express itself. In this particular and mundane detail butterfly tattoos validate its deep connection with the soul

How To Make Money Designing Custom Tattoos?

To make money designing custom tattoos, you can either set up your own tattoo design website, compete with the thousands that are out there, or you can search for an existing site and sign up with one or more of them. It will help you build up your business and position your site at the top and improve rankings.
Many sites are looking for good designers and some of the sites also offer tattoo design contests allowing participants to make good money. You can also opt for the old fashioned way and open a tattoo studio to start your business. However, this would be a much riskier proposition since there will be tremendous costs involved with opening your own business and then you have to attract clients and maintain their patronage in order to see profits flowing.
If you choose to work online, check with sites that you find interesting, the ones that offer best deals for designers offering custom tattoo designs. You may have to provide some samples of your work with a view to prove how skill and creativity as a tattooist. Custom tattoo designs have a large market and by joining an online business, you can offer them to customers across the globe.
Once you have signed up with companies online, you may submit your work on their site and as customers choose to buy your designs, you'll get the payment and those designs will be displayed on the site to promote your work. Additionally, if you have signed up with a site that offers tattoo design contests, you can earn way more by creating designs that win and best match the client expectations. This way you don't just get good money but also come to be known as the winning designer and become a renowned artist within the tattoo industry.
Creativity is the key to designing successful custom tattoo designs. The ability to work with your customer to provide them with a tattoo that matches their ideas and preferences well will bring you more customers. By consistently doing good work and offering some of your best creations to the tattoo enthusiasts, you will build a larger following for you, your services will always be in demand and you will always make good money.
At the time of displaying your work in an online tattoo gallery, determine the prices of your tattoos carefully. The custom tattoo designs are unique and popular but don't make the mistake of overpricing them for that reason. If your tattoos are too expensive, you may get very little business because of the severe competition online.
As a new tattoo designer, you will need to do a little research to see where your tattoos fit within the overall picture. Even seasoned designers adjust their prices to fit the market. Unless you have a collection of incredible custom tattoo designs that no one else has, there is a moderate price structure that needs to be followed. And as you build a good clientele by doing more work, and exposing your skills, you can start adjusting your prices to generate more income.

How to Find the Right Tattoo Designer for Yourself

Getting that perfect tattoo that reflects style, preferences, and personality is really important for the person to be happy wearing the tattoo. There are several things to think about when looking at ways to find the right tattoo designer for you.
Make sure you do some research to find the best tattoo artist to create you a tattoo design that you always wanted to have. You can do this by asking people who already have experience having tattoos on their body and get recommendations to ensure that you finalize the best designer to do the job. It's also helpful to look at various tattoo contests and find the designers who have won some challenging contests.
Visit the tattoo parlors to make sure the place is clean and hygienic and that the artists use fresh ink and needles for every customer. Cleanliness helps prevent the spread of infections and diseases such as hepatitis and HIV, and all good parlors are very careful when it comes to cleanliness of instruments and shops.
You should ask to see their portfolios of the work they have done. Many of them may specialize in certain styles and designs. For example; some may be amazing at doing the tribal and graffiti style of work while others may have the expertise in creating fantastic animals, scenes and caricatures. After checking out several shops, be sure to go to the one who is skilled in creating designs that you desire.
Have a discussion with the artist about the design and let them know the specifications that you want in your custom tattoo. Make sure they show interest, help you modify the design a little bit (if required) based on their experience, make an effort to satisfy your wishes with their work and seem willing to work with you to ensure that your idea is accurately reproduced.
Know the price is going to vary with each shop. Make sure to get an estimate of the cost of the tattoo before the ink even comes out of the drawer. Be aware that some artists charge based on the complexity and size of the design, while other charge for the amount of time it takes to do the work. Have your budget in mind and check with the artist what best can come up within that plan.
When it comes to getting the right tattoo by the right artists, know that it shouldn't be cheap. There are people who think that if it is their first time, they should go in for a small or a cheap tattoo. But this can be dangerous. A tattoo remains with you for the rest of your life reminding you of the mistake you made by choosing a cheap one. This is truly a great example of "you get what you pay for", and no one wants to go to a cheap shop and pick up a disease or come out with a substandard tattoo.
Do not forget to tip the tattoo artists generously; particularly if they have taken a lot of time to work on the design and if they have done a great job transferring the design from paper to the body part.
When you have made up your mind to have a tattoo done, make sure you take sufficient time to find the right tattoo designer to do the job. Start by doing some research, look for high quality work and cleanliness, and be prepared to spend a lot of money to have that wow feeling that stays with you for as long as the tattoo on your skin.

How To Make A Custom Tattoo Design Stencil

Tattoos are trendy and stylish. This art form has become a regular part of today's generation's lifestyle and fashion. But before having a regular tattoos applied to your skin, you ought to have a look at some custom tattoo designs. Unlike regular designs, custom tattoos are unique and signify something/ someone special or important in your life. After all they are not called 'custom tattoos' for nothing.
Most tattoo hobbyists and enthusiasts have lots of tattoo ideas going on in their minds. More often than not, these ideas are either too many or too complex to interpret them in one single design. So, to make things a lot easier and to be fully satisfied, people turn to custom tattoo designs created for them and make their own stencil.
Yes! You can make your own stencil and it is a lot of fun. Creating a personalized design for your body gives you freedom to choose the location, the theme and the color of the tattoo. Of course, before you start making your design, you need to find inspiration. In fact, a tattoo becomes more relevant when there is something significant attached to it. Important events, special people or things and artistic ideas are just some of the common themes for custom tattoo designs.
So, how is custom tattoo design stencil made? Here are some simple steps to make your very own customized designs.
1. Draw out a template first - As mentioned above, you can use many different sources for your design. If you are making a tattoo design for the first time, you can check current tattoo styles and trends online. There are millions of designs out there where you can get the inspiration and ideas for your own tattoo. Take time to find out one and finalize your own design.
2. Scale the design so that it fits standard paper size and the part of the body to be tattooed - A design with intricate details is rather difficult to scale on paper. You need to make sure that all details are precisely laid out on the paper as this will become your stencil. If you are not comfortable with your artistic ability or you're not that gifted, you can ask for help from an expert tattoo designer.
3. Transfer the design onto transfer paper - To do this, you need to use carbon paper. Lay the transfer paper flat on a firm surface, then secure the carbon paper, ink side down, on the paper. Place your scaled design on top of the carbon paper. Carefully, using slight pressure, trace the design, not missing out any details. Make sure that the design and the carbon paper are secured in place to prevent misalignment on the final stencil. You can use tape to ensure that the carbon is placed accurately. This is important, as it ensures that your stencil is exactly the same as your design.
4. Transfer the design stencil onto your skin - Once you're done tracing the design, cut out the design, following its edges. Moisten the tattoo stencil with glycerin so that it sticks to the skin. For the stencil to stick onto the skin, you need to moisten it a little. Place the transfer paper over the part of the body to be tattooed. Rub the paper gently until it has completely transferred the design. You can now start following the stencil with tattoo ink.

Butterfly Tattoos - Femininity of Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers and artists. Its beauty and intricacies have made it into a viable representation of the feminine nature. This may be the reason why most of them are on the bodies of women. They can be seen on arms and torso. The elegant pattern used made it very enticing to tattoo fans. However, among all other connections women have the deepest link to this tattoo design. This is not just because of the beauty it is known. There is a more considerable basis that should be considered.
There are many compelling reasons why butterfly tattoos are best suited for women. It can be contended that the creature it features has traits that are strikingly similar to women. Their variety, wonder and beauty are no different from what women are known for. The attitudes and usual way women act can be likened to the butterfly. However, more than the apparent traits of butterflies the elegance of the colors as well as their diversity can also be the same as the depth of personality and character women have.
There are many aspects to butterflies. They greatly vary from one another, both in appearance and nature. Each has a very interesting narrative behind how it came to being. These inherent traits that they possess make them creatures associated to femininity. This has led to butterfly tattoos being used to represent this notion. Women who opt to have this body art pattern agree with, affirm and exhibit this idea. This is one of the deeper motivations that are behind the intent to get this kind of tattoo.
There are many aspects of the nature of the butterfly that are not seen or widely known. They are very intriguing creatures in this sense. In fact, they are more known for their attributes that can be seen. When a person gets a butterfly tattoo it also symbolizes the idea that the said person is more than what other initially see. The idea of depth and being multi - faceted of butterflies is also linked to the same traits in women.
Radical changes and instant shifts are represented by butterfly tattoos. The metamorphosis of a pupa into a beautiful butterfly is akin to the transformation of a girl into a beautiful lady. The acquisition of beauty and the beauty of the nature of women are similar to the phases of change a butterfly undergoes. When ladies get this tattoo, this is a validation of another aspect of femininity. When this pattern is used it is meant to symbolize this, which is another important aspect of feminine nature.
Women opt for butterfly tattoos above other patterns because of their connections and references to the female nature and attributes. The reference of this body art to the intangible as well as a perceivable aspect of femininity is widely accepted. The elegance of butterfly tattoos, their diversity and intricate colors are deeply symbolic of the attributes that women are known for. These reasons are the foremost motivations of women in getting this particular design inscribed on their skin.

Easy Ways To Get Tattoo Designers For Less Money

There are a number of studios across the country that offers inexpensive services by tattoo designers. You should be very careful when searching for a custom tattoo design in these kinds of studios. Everyone wants a bargain when looking for a tattoo, but in this case, getting a bargain just to save a little bit of money may not be the smartest thing to do.
You want a designer who is skilled enough to create you a custom tattoo design that will be something you can wear with pride. If you want something that has vivid colors, sharp delineation of the drawing, and something that fits your personality and body type, custom tattoos are the best option for you.
Not only are there concerns about the quality of a custom tattoo design, there could also be severe health concerns when going in for a 'low budget' traditional studio services. Have the used needles been thrown out? Is the studio clean?
There are a number of issues that could become problematic if you are seeking a tattoo designer by price alone. This is, obviously, not to say that all artists who don't charge higher prices are bad, but as a consumer, you need to be aware of the pitfalls associated with the lower spectrum of designers. Some are not as scrupulous as others so don't let price be the only factor in deciding where to go. You need quality and professionalism; don't sacrifice any of that for money. It might be easy to get a designer for less money this way, but it certainly isn't the smartest.
Another option for getting a designer for less is the online tattoo sites. Many sites offer design contests where you are the one who determines the price of the winning design. Designers submit their work to you and you get to choose the winning design. This is the most effective way to get a custom tattoo design at a very competitive price and pretty much ensures that you get a high quality design from a professional tattoo artist at the best price.
Most of the tattoo sites have over thousands of artists working with them to provide their clients; with the best that tattooing as an art has to offer. With so many tattoo artists they have, you literally have access to thousands of options when searching for that 'perfect' custom design. And, if you've created your own tattoo design contest, you have professionals giving you their best to get your business.
When thinking about options for finding a talented designer for the best price, consider all the options you have. You may find the best tattoo designer at a traditional studio if you're lucky, but that way, you will be limited to a physical location. Sometimes it could be a shot of luck to find a professional tattoo artist that is not only inexpensive, but also does high quality work.
Using an online tattoo website gives you access to more designers and if you start a tattoo design contest, you have designers from across the world, creating their best designs for you to select.
You are more likely to get a fantastic custom tattoo design when you have as many options as you do online with hundreds of designers to choose from.

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The Concept of Tattoos: A Quick Look!

When talking about Tattoos, the first thing comes in our mind is attractive designs that will stay with us forever. Tattoos are one of the most accepted forms of expression and art. If you go back to the history of Japan and India, you will find that tattoo exists, since ancient times.
However, Tattoo does not oblige itself to a distinct ethos. Today, there are many people who are inking their body, just for the sake of fashion. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have also inked their arms, legs, back and other part of their bodies to add a charm to their persona.
Tattoo is a popular body art in which colored ink is inserted in your upper skin layer with the help of special needles. Undoubtedly, this body art is marvelous and the artist who carried out the whole procedure is not only proficient but holds an amazing knowledge of creativeness and inventiveness. Though, before planning for a tattoo, always consider such design, which you think is worth inking. Many times tattooing device ruptures the skin and there are possibilities of skin infections too. So before going to add ink in your life, make sure that:
· Your Tattoo artist must have sufficient knowledge and is proficient in tattooing.
· He/she is professional and has ample knowledge in the field.
· Uses sterilized or fresh needles
· Uses good quality of ink
Tattooing is a famous and well-liked trend among the people of every age. It plays a vital role in one's life; it can be a simple design or a refined merge of different designs and patterns.
Everyone has different preferences when it comes to inking their body part. Where some people prefer temporary tattoos, some are interested to get inked permanently. In many countries, the favorite tattoo designs among the masses are Indian gods and goddesses. Also, there are many people who love to ink their or their beloved name on the body to show their obsession.
Having tattoos on any part of body not only make one feel stylish and exclusive, but are also used as social status symbol. I do have a Tattoo of Shiva eyes on my wrist, though it is not exactly what I was looking for, so planning for a cover up! When you first Tattoo is not up to the mark, it looks horrible. So, it is essential to keep three things in mind before going to wear any tattoo permanently - meaning, timing and right tattoo artist.


The 5 Primary Styles of Tattoos

Fine line black and gray tattoos originated within the Chicano communities of East LA and nearby cities of southern California. This style became very popular throughout the Nineteen Seventies. Utilization of a single-needle created fine lines with sleek and refined shading in varied shades using black and gray. This once notorious style became iconic among prison and jail inmates because creating a tattoo gun was very simple. These artsy sketches embody roses, skulls, crosses, portrait style images, gang membership identifications and codes, hidden meanings associated with the origin of criminal deeds, and memorial tattoos for lost loved ones or family members. Today this style is very popular. You can find fine line black and grey tattoos everywhere you look, it is no longer just a prison or jail tattoo. Tattoo artist all over the world have mastered this style and taken it to new heights.
Bio mechanical tattoos for the hardcore sci-fi or industrial fanatics are a tricky alternative. This style rose to the its height of popularity during the 1980's, and slowly lost its lure by the end of the 1990's. This style has begun to make a comeback due to the advancement in ink and the creative minds of today's tattoo extraordinary artist's. Paired with ripped apart flesh or robotic components, these forms of tattoos look best when placed on muscled areas of the body. Visualize your legs, arms, or maybe a neck tattoo and get galvanized by fantastical machinery of a tattoo designed just for you. you will possibly opt to draw the look yourself or look around for a talented artist who specializes in bio mechanical.
Asian style tattoos have been around the longest. Admired throughout the planet for their vibrant,colorful and graceful beauty unique designs, Asian tattoos range from language symbols to full body art tattoos of koi fish, cherry blossom tree tattoos, dragon and tiger tattoos. Geisha women are yet one more very common tattoo style if you wish to honor the pin-up women of the Asian world.
Tribal tattoos portray rich culture and meaning from Native American Indian history. Tribal tattoos became a really common armband piece during the 1990's and lost a lot of their significance within that process. True tribal tattooing practices are typically thought of as rites of passage and could involve monks, blessings, and other painful hand-poked tattooing styles. Abundant in spirited meaning these tribal tattoos mark from one period in life to another.
Traditional or old school style tattoos began showing up in New York during the Civil War, and was mostly sported by the military service men who wanted to show their patriotism and love for family and country.Ancient and old style tattoos are typically used interchangeably and their designs embody eagle tattoos, temptress women, ships and anchors. From memorial images to love and glory. tattoos One of the greatest and well-liked artists of all time was Norman Keith Collins, or commonly called "Sailor Jerry", he helped shape the culture of tattooing to what it is today.

Some Good Points For A Woman To Consider Prior To Getting Her First Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can seems like a whole lot of fun, particularly when you're out with some pals and one of them you her brand new, hot butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. It's exciting to think about all the possibilities, and what getting a tattoo would tell to the world about you. After all, it's pretty typical nowadays and it wouldn't be that much of a big thing, would it? Well, before taking the plunge and getting inked, take a bit of time to think about it thoroughly. It's been said that a minimum of one third of people that get a tattoo regrets it. Before you become one of those people, it would be smart to consider a few things carefully.
The first concern to ask yourself is do you truly want something on your body that will exist for life. Of course you know that it's a long-term thing, but it's so easy to be scooped in the enjoyment of something new and fun. Consider your main reason for wanting to do it at this specific time in your life. Is it out of character or have you thought about getting a tattoo for a long time. Is something happening in your life at the moment that might trigger you to do something you might not otherwise do? Have you had any peer pressure to sway your judgement? If it is your idea and you're certain that it's what you want, go ahead.
Once you have decided that there will be a tattoo in your future, think carefully when choosing where on your body it will be placed. If you are very young and think that a tattoo on your stomach is a good idea, consider the fact that as you get older you might not want to call attention to that area of your body. Your skin may sag or stretch over time, causing the tattoo to look different. The tattoo could also fade or look blurry over time. You should also be mindful of the fact that there may be certain times in your life that you might not want your tattoo to show. Too many people have gone through the painful process of getting a tattoo removed before a wedding, a job interview, or some other occasion.Think about the situations that might come about where you would not want a tattoo, and make your decision with that in mind. You will have to live with the consequences either way.
The last thing you should think thoroughly about prior to getting inked is the design of your tattoo. The most obvious red flag would be to get tattooed with the name of your current boyfriend. I might be impossible to imagine life without him right now, but things might be different in a year or two. In the same line of thought, you don't want to chance the possibility of having your permanent tattoo remind you of an uncomfortable breakup. Whatever design you are considering for you tattoo, think seriously about how you will like it when you are fifty or even seventy. The meaning of a particular design might actually speak to you now, however you may feel differently about it in the future. Similar to the design your picked for your tattoo, think carefully about it's colors. Dynamic and bright colors maybe appear like an excellent idea now, but down line you might wish you had gotten something a little more subdued.