Tattoo Carnival - July 31, 2011

Welcome to the July 31, 2011 edition of tattoo carnival.


KathyHS87 presents My New Tattoo posted at Life As I Know It.

Patty Pittman presents Kihon Wasa: New Tattoo posted at Kihon Wasa, saying, "Japanese flavored tat with a watercolor feel"

keerti presents Hindu Goddess: Goddess Durga Tattoo Design posted at Hindu Goddess.

tattoo ideas

rohit3d presents Dragon Tattoo Pictures posted at Latest Dragon Tattoo Designs Blog 2011, saying, "Dragon tattoo Ideas"

Rohit presents Neck Tattoo Picture gallery posted at Latest Neck Tattoo Design Blog 2011, saying, "Neck Tattoo Ideas"

Rohit presents Hip Tattoos for Men and Women posted at Latest Hip Tattoo Design Blog 2011, saying, "Hip tattoo ideas"

tattoo pictures

Sam presents > NEW!! 8 Funny Tattoo Pictures, Wild, Weird, Wacky, Wonderful posted at Funny Chix, saying, "8 pictures of funny tattoos. My tattoos are kinda smelly !!"

jawahar presents Flowers and Birds Female Chest Tattoo Design posted at Latest Chest Tattoo Design Blog 2011.

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